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State Of The Art DOOH Planning And Buying Platform


A Dynamic Way To Speak To Millions Across North America​

Digital out of home advertising combines reach and scale with relevant and dynamic creative, allowing content to be served contextually at the right time and to the right audience








USA, Canada, Mexico




Airports, Beauty Salons, Bars & Restaurants, Campus, Cinema, Clinics, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Golf Carts, Government buildings, Gyms, Hospitals & Medical Centers, Hotels & Resorts, Iconic Spectaculars, Office Towers, Residential Buildings, Retail, Roadside Outdoor, Shopping Malls, Sports Centers, Taxis & Ride Shares, Transit Shelters

Well Combinations

Powering the DOOH revolution

We deliver next level pDOOH solutions that are fully customizable based on individual campaign objectives. We keep things simple, with a focus on quality inventory and a collaborative approach to help our clients thrive. 

An intuitive & flexible platform that is easy to use

We make the complex simple without compromising on quality or ability to scale. Whatever the need or objective, we can facilitate booking with different targets, environments, audiences and geo. Set your parameters without limitations.

Visualize your campaigns and bring them to life on screen

We have created a detailed map that shows every screen and available inventory to aid in the planning process and best highlight the interactivity of this medium and its potential.

Transparency at every stage of the process

Our platform is completely open - nothing is hidden from view, everything is available to extract at any time. We pride ourselves on providing a digital trail of all assets and transactions, allowing our partners full autonomy over their campaigns.

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Association That We Are Part Of

We proudly partner with top industry associations to ensure greater transparency and compliance across the Programmatic DOOH space 

Our Supply Partners




Montreal Tourism

North American Campaign Fall 2021

  • 1,100 boards
  • 13 different environments
  • 4 major geos
  • 156 cities
  • Coupled with mobile retargeting
  • 4 weeks duration

Christie’s Auction House

Times Square domination Nov 2021

  • One weekend domination on the Nasdaq screen
  • Purchased through Programmatic Guaranteed deal
  • 72 hours for all approbation layers including agencies, advertiser, operator, etc.

Quebec Tourism

Winter promotion 2021-2022

  • Dundas Square Domination in Toronto
  • Audience RON play across multiple markets
  • Spectaculars & 10+ different indoor environments
  • 2100+ screens
  • 122+ cities



Annual 2021 Campaign

  • Data focused campaigns to hone in on specific audiences to promote OTC medication
  • Granular targeting using universal ID through data partner
  • Contextual targeting for relevancy
  • Coupled with mobile retargeting


Appointment Booking Platform
For Clinics And Patients

  • Launched during the COVID pandemic, this new emerging platform used a mix of DOOH and mobile to promote their needed services
  • Programmatic technology enabled this campaign to be agile, turning on and off environments in real time based on lockdowns legislatures at the time

Harry Rosen

  • Walk-ins history mapping of the retailer luxury stores to cross reference audience patterns
  • Granular mobile retargeting based on DOOH ad exposure

We Stand Out From The Crowd, On Purpose.

Our ‘Boutique’ Approach Is Unrivaled

Going further, offering more – that’s the adstanding mentality. We personalize every experience and operate in a way that encourages open collaboration and innovation. We are premium yet still proudly approachable.

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Our Platform Is Flexible, Accessible & Transparent

The platform has been designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing for greater accessibility to track stats in real-time, purchase curated inventory and alter the variables for better performance all in real time.

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We Speak The Language. We Set The Standard

adstanding were the first to champion this technology across North America, setting the standard for others to follow. We share this knowledge with our partners empowering them to reach their goals quickly, effectively and efficiently.

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