Publisher Ad Server

gestion_campagneThe AdStanding ad server offers several options allowing you to innovate in advertising placement to maximize the opportunities from advertising agencies and advertisers worldwide.

gestion_mediaThis high performance publisher ad server offers the following features and much more:

  • Display, Video, Mobile, Tablet, Native
  • Programmatic waterfall
  • Connections to Programmatic ecosystem through Adstanding Exchange
  • Integration with Private Automated Guaranteed or Programmatic Direct Platform
  • Precise Geographical and Behavioral Targeting
  • Simple management interface and easy to use
  • Powerfull forecasting tool available to maximize upcoming inventory
  • Email alerts
  • Creative Management (HTML5, Image, Flash)
  • Yield and Priorities among Campaign Management
  • Monitoring Automated Detailed statistics and reports
  • Optimisation according CTR, CPA, etc.
  • Selection of the advertiser campaign
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
  • Cost per click (CPC)rapports sms
  • Cost per lead or aquisition (CPL and CPA)
  • Even distribution campaigns in time
  • Cap frequency (visit / day)
  • Exclusion of the competition
  • Exclusive Positioning (2 or 3 banners on the same page)
  • Priorities Chains
  • Default Campaigns
  • Campaigns with multiple creative formats

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