Case Study : Brand Lift Study – Campaign Overview

Goal: A canadian FI wanted to measure the impact/brand recognition of a sport marketing initiative they had been investing in.

Initiative: Conduct a brand lift study by partnering with Nielsen. The survey was displayed on mobile 300×250 by retargeting users exposed to the DOOH advertising.

Geo: Greater Montreal Area

Scale of campaign: 2,000,000 DOOH impressions & 1,200,000 retargeting mobile impressions.

Scale of survey:

  • 136 Total Completed
  • 89 Control Completed
  • 47 Exposed Completed

Survey Results:

  • 7% of the control group answered the survey question accurately
  • 8% of the exposed group answered the survey question accurately

Brand lift : 89.4% (exposed group vs the control group lift)

This means that the exposed group recognized the client’s brand 89.4% more than the control group. The only difference between the two groups was the presence (or lack) of the advertising, and therefore any difference between the question(s) answered can be safely attributed to the effect of the campaign itself.

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